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Waiting Room Collective came together in early 2013 as a group of likeminded creative individuals who share a love for the art of cinematic storytelling. 

We admit our name is a conversation starter: we wanted something that captured our fascination with studying human behavior, which is on full display in a waiting room.  Everyone spends time there at some point in their lives.  What better place to witness the range of human emotions  from pure elation at good news,  to clinging  to hope in the face of uncertainty,  to the terrible sorrow that comes from the loss of a loved one.   You see it all in a waiting room. These moments are what make us truly human.  

Finally, we must return to the reasons we started making films; to find that pure joy of getting lost in the visual storytelling. The passion we bring to our projects is the essence of who we are, but more importantly, we hope to capture your passion which will convey to your audience who you are.  We want to tell your story.

We invite you to join us in the creative process and we look forward to sharing this journey with you all.